Kelly-Moore 10.1oz White Urethane Elastomeric Caulk

Item#: 58755

UPC: 843034010016

Manufacturer: KELLY-MOORE

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KEL-LASTIC is a high performance, Urethane Modified Acrylic Sealant. KEL-LASTIC is internally plasticized, this premium technology reduces dirt pickup, eliminates yellowing and shiners. Requires no priming to bond to most substrates, including Crown Molding, Windows, Trim, Doors, Sinks, Counters, Siding, Penetrations, Stucco, EIFS, Hardboard and Flashing. Substrates include, but are not limited to Masonry, Brick, Concrete, Wood, Metal, Marble, Glass, Porcelain and Ceramic Tile. Has superior adhesion, durability and 800% elongation. It forms a flexible, durable airtight, water resistant seal offering exceptional protection from environmental conditions. Once cured the bead is paintable, mildew and UV resistant.
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